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"Your One Stop Online Errand Solution Center in The Philippines"


Welcome to


We are your innovative, efficient and resourceful processing assistants. 

We are an efficient ERRAND FACILITATION CENTER where you can rely on the delivery of quality output!  

We’re revolutionaries!

We don’t just accomplish errands....

We LOVE errands,!

We OWN your errands ... "sense of ownership" is imbibed in every task that we do!

We don't just do errands.... we feel them....

We CREATE EXPERIENCE.....which then delivers good stories.... We’ve changed how we work and we can help you do the same.

We are beyond Time Zones, we do not beleive in office hours and we work hand in hand with people who inspire us on the services that we deliver.

Things have changes. We know because we changed them. It is no longer impossible to accomplish errands even if your are at teh other side of the globe.. 

In just a click - we can make things happen for you and your loved ones. Who we've worked with over the years have praised us so well. We’ve collaborated with some amazing people from all walks of life.... We have served them well and that's what we are incredibly proud of.   

For your online errand request - choosing use is the most important decision you will ever make.  Pakisuyo Center is a duly registered business entity. 101% legitimate and we do own the "PAKISUYO" Trademark as approved by the Intelectual Property Office (IPO) of the Philippines since April of 2011. Legitimary and our trademark make us different from other entities who offer similar services. 

We bet, theirs is average while ours is simply amazing and authentic!


PAKISUYO TRAVEL Accreditations:

1. Department of Tourism Accreditation Nos. TOP-R04A - 00004479 - 2018

2. Department of Foreign Affairs Accreditation Nos. 2016-191N

3. Bureau of Immigration Accredited TA-2021-074

4. Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) 2017 accredited 


1. Tourism Promotions Board (TPB)

2. Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA)

3. Philippine Tour Operators Association of the Philippines (PHILTOA)

4. Cavite Travel and Tours Association, Inc. (CTTA)

You need the best company and the best service people for your errand needs.

We are deeply passionate about serving errands and with the ultimate desire of creating extraordinary services for you. 

Personal , professional , business and corporate documents. Certification, Authentication, Apostille, Validation, Attestation, Legalisation, Translation of travel documents. Business Registration, Permits & Licenses. Correction and Records Management. Visa Assistance., Consular and embassy assistance.

Pick up/drop off, canvass, purchase & deliver, repair, payment , claim, process, file. Pakidala, pakibayad, pakihatid, pakipagawa, pakilakad, pakikuha, pakisundo, pakihatid. Any type oif errand provided it is legal.

Transportation assistance from Airport - Hotel - Residence or Office. Pakihatid & Pakisundo . Available within City proper or inter city/ municipality or provincial destinations. Available vehicles, Car, Vans , Coasters and USV.

You don't have a ready tour package but you already have your plane ticket? Simply fill up our forms and state your preferred , destination and accommodation. We can arrange your touirng needs both for local and international. Leave it to the experts. We have direct Tour Operators that can help us realize your grand vacation. Pakisuyo Travel & Tours is a duly accredited Travel Agency by the Department of Tourism with Accreditation Nos TOP-RO4A-000004479-2018

You want to spend time with your loved ones. Laugh, enjoy and relax by visiting popular tourist destinations. We can fully arrange your itinerary from transfers, admission tickets, English speaking tour guides and well coordinated tours. Choose from our array of local & international tour packages.

We are a proud member of the 2 known National Travel Associations - the Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA) and the Philippine Tour Operators

Association (PHILTOA)

Escapades...adventures... and even shopping. Name it and we can arrange this for you and your team. We can immediately book you with different local and international leisure , adventure and amusement parks. Tickets and vouchers can be issued in a click! Name it and you'll have it! #pasyalpamore

DZMM ABS CBN Interview with Mr Lubao in his Sunday Program

DZAR Radio interview at Makati City (Bayaning Manggagawa, Bayaning OFW Radio Program)

NBN PTV 4 taped interview at Pakisuyo Center Dasmarinas Office shown on OFW programs of the network

2nd Radio-TV Interview with ABS CBN DZMM Teleradyo

2nd DZAR Radio Live Online Streaming at Makati City

3rd ABS CBN DZMM Teleradyo Interview . Now with popular CMMA's awardee and Hall of Famer Dr. Carl Balita of Radyo Negosyo.

Featured at Vicky Morales Show GOOD NEWS over GMA Network last October 14, 2015.

Teleradyo Interview with Dexter Garibe over DZMM/ABS CBN Radyo Negosyo Porgram last 2014.

TV shoot by the Production Team of Good News by Vicky Morales with our Pakisuyo angels held at the Pakisuyo Center Manila Ofice, FUBC Building, Escolta, Manila.