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Blog ni Maria

Blog ni Maria


Posted by pakisuyoofw on February 22, 2009 at 1:37 AM

I enjoyed reading  two blogs from two different sites namely :  and

these business names formed part also of an email chain sent to us months ago... getting back to these fun-filled business concepts creates a mindset that IBA TALAGA ANG PINOY!

These sites presented well on how creative PINOY'S are. It makes us realize that Pinoy's are truly fascinating species who can inject humor and fun with business.   Let's take a look and if you have other business names to include, please share.  Post your comment and we will be happy to know what you think of these business names.  Number 1 rule - please do not post offensive language that can harm anybody. Let's be subtle and simply share how do we look at our own perspective. . .. game!

  1. Parlor in San Juan - CUT & FACE
  2. Wholesaler of Balut in Sto. Tomas, batangas - STARDUCKS
  3. Fastfood eatery in Nueva Ecija - VIOLYBEE
  4. Internet cafe in a side street - CAFE PINDOT
  5. A laundry place in manila - SUMMA CUM LAUNDRY
  6. Petshop in Ortigas - PUSSIES AND BITCHES
  7. A petshop in Kamining, QC -  PAKITA MO, PET MO
  8. a  bakery  - BREAD PIT
  9. Restaurant in Alabang - MEKENI ROGERS
  10. Restaurant in Pasig - THE FRIED OF MARKINA
  11. A dog grooming shop in Dasmarinas, Cavite - DOGBERO
  12. A boxing gym - BLOW JAB
  13. A  lapida maker - LITO LAPIDA
  14. A Restaurant in Pampanga: - MEKENI ROGERS
  15. A copy center in Sikatuna Village - PAKOPYA NI EDGAR
  16. A beerhouse in Cavite - CHICKPOINT
  17. A undry shop in Sikatuna  - STAR WASH: ATTACK OF THE CLOTHES
  18. An internet cafe in Taguig - [email protected]@
  19. A kambingan eatery - SA GOAT KITA
  20. A beauty salon - CURL UP AND DYE
  21. A congee stall in Sta Maria, Bulacan - GEE CONGEE
  22. A water refilling station dapitan - WA-THIRST
  23. A feeds store for chicken - ROBOCOCK
  24. A shoe repair shop in Marilina - DR. SHOE-BAGO
  25. A petshop - PETNESS FIRST
  26. A taxi cab - INCOME TAXI
  27. A 2nd hand watch store - 2ND TIME AROUND
  28. A squid stall - PUSIT TO THE LIMIT
  29. A shripm store - HIPON COMING BACK
  30. A gay lawyers extension office - NOTA REPUBLIC
  31. A ceiling installer - KISAME STREET
  32. A car repair shop - BANGGA KA DAY?
  33. An aquatic pet store in Malolos - FISH BE WITH YOU
  34. A fishball named cart - POKE POKE
  35. A beauty salon - SAUDIA HAIRLINES
  36. A bakery - ANAK NG TINAPAY
  37. A laundry shop - WASH YOUR PROBLEM
  38. A restaurant along Mayon Road  - MAY LISA EATERY
  39. An ice cream parlor - DILA LANG ANG KATAPAT
  40. A chacharon stall - CHICA HUT
  41. A chicken to go station in Imus, cavite - CHICK BOY
  42. A neighborhood pizza - PIZZA HOT
  43. A fish ball cart in UST - EAT MY BALLS
  44. A barbershop in Cagayan de Oro - PINOY BIG BARBER
  45. A restaurant - THE LAST SUPPER
  46. A goto stall - GOTO KO PA!
  47. A peanut vendors cart - MANI NI PAPA
  48. A gym in malolos - GAYMAN FITNESS CENTER
  49. An internet cafe in Sabang, Dasmarinas - OTOT.COM
  50. A party needs shop - BALLOON BALLOONAN
  51. A chinese restaurant in Pasig - LAH FANG
  52. A beauty salon - HAIR DOT COMB
  53. A chicken station (Owners name is Dina ) - DINA FRESH CHICKEN
  54. A chicken to go stall - KFC - KANTO FRIED CHICKEN
  55. A shoe repair shop along Commonwealth - SHOEPERMAN - We will HEEL you, save your SOLE and DYE for you!
  56. An errand center - PAKISUYO CENTER , Your 1st One Stop Community Errand Center in the Philippines, "Ang Utusan Ng Bayan!"
  57. A congee stall in Marikina - GOTO BOB
  58. A cofee shop in bacolod - BREW HA!
  59. A carinderia  - PEK PEK EATERY
  60. An internet cafe in Caite - KAPEPINDOT
  61. A food shop - ADOBO PUTOSHOP
  62. An internet cafe along Aurora Blvd. - IT-LOG INTERNET CAFE
  63. A barbecue stand in Baguio - MCDOLIBEE
  64. A chicken to go station - CHICKS  NI PAPA
  65. A congee station along SLEX - GOTO HEAVEN
  66. A spetic tank cleaner - SIPSIP [email protected]
  67. A 2nd hand car dealer - KOTSEKOTSEKU!
  68. A coffee shop - CAFE BARAKO BAMA
  69. An eatery in Sta Rosa, Laguna - TONGUE IN A MOOD
  70. An eatery in malolos, Bulacan - JULIEBEE
  71. A flower shop - PETAL ATTRACTION
  72. An eatery - COOKING INA MO!
  73. A cross stitch shop in Mabalacat, Pampanga - CROSS MY ART
  75. An eatery in Makati - SABAW NI VIVIAN
  76. A beauty salon in BF Paranaque - LE KUKU
  77. A car repair shop in banawe - CARBUCKS
  78. A bar - TRITOMA
  79. A food station - KIK MAI BALLS
  80. An ihawan in Boracay - CHICKEN NG INA MO!

Would you like to know who among these biz entities are formally registered with Department of Trade and Industry? The online registration and query is off due to maintenance schedule... I will try to get back to you later and share with you who amongst these names are formally registered or not.... abangan but share your comments first.... =)

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