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"Your One Stop Online Errand Solution Center in The Philippines"


Photo Gallery

THE PAKISUYO PROPONENTS & THEIR VALUED CLIENTS THE PAKISUYO PROPONENTS & THEIR VALUED CLIENTS BRIDGING DISTANCE THRU PAKISUYO ONLINE After almost 4 months of servicing the errand needs ot Cherie and Amer, they finally settled down last July 6, 2009. 46256898 MY CLIENTS WEDDING Pakisuyo helped to build the bond! 46256899 THE CLIENT AND THE SERVICE PROVIDERS Ng dahil sa napakalaking tiwala ng mga clients sa Pakisuyo Services, they trusted the Center so much which made them decide to invite MR. & MRS. ROFULE to become their Principal Sponsors during their wedding. 46256900 THE JORDANIAN CLIENT GROOM WITH THE PAKISUYO HEADS Mr. & Mrs. Rofule even served as the foster parents of Mr. Amer during the Wedding held at Iligan City, Philippines. 46256901