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"Your One Stop Online Errand Solution Center in The Philippines"


Photo Gallery

activities activities OUR PAKISUYO SERVICE VEHICLE For bulky errand requests, we have ready service vehicles to service your errand needs. 46386310 OUR PAKISUYO RIDERS We have four official Pakisuyo Riders who does all the Personal Errands plus 2 liaison officers who does the Business errands. 46386311 PAKISUYO ON THE GO! Our Riders will always be ready to share their happy smiles as they deliver your errand request! 46386312 THUMBS UP PAKISUYO! Growing bigger in a span of 2 years! 46386313 READY TO SERVE YOU! Awaiting instrictions for daily routing schedules. 46386314 OUR PAKISUYO TRAVEL & TOURS SERVICE 46386315