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Embassy stamps


Pakisuyo Center provides professional document authentication services. We help customers obtain an embassy legalisation for their documents. Embassy legalisation certifies the authenticity of documents issued in the country of origin, before they can be accepted by government and business establishments overseas.

Authentication, attestation or embassy legalisation frequently involves several bureaucratic stages, making it a tiresome and confusing process. Our Pakisuyo Center experts have dealt with thousands of authentication cases and use their experience to review the requirements for each document. They undertake document authentication on behalf of the client, significantly reducing the turnaround time and making the entire process fast, efficient and effortless. Our experts specialize in the legalization of a wide variety of documents, including educational diplomas, transcripts, vital documents like marriage, birth, divorce certificates and corporate documents of all types. With Pakisuyo Center, you are in good hands. Pakisuyo Ceneter is 101% legal, with professional experts who can focus in your personal and private documents. Pakisuyo Center is the Philippine's 1st Errand Solution Center. Simply fill up Pakisuyo Center's inquiry form and you will receive appropriate quotation within the next minute.